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About us

Georgia Limited was established in 1993 in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. The company started the first successful business project – built a polyethylene manufacturing plant in Georgia for the production of packaging plastic bags. The company later expanded into other business ventures, such as outsourcing, imports/exports, start-ups and consulting services.

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Our people are our most valuable asset and they drive our business objectives and strategy. Our team is part of our success and together, we enhance the company’s performance, forge successful business partnerships across the globe and deliver exceptional results & customer value.


Our mission is to help international business entities to search and find outsourcing and other business-investment opportunities throughout the Caucasus region by providing consulting services that encompass strategic planning, market analysis, financial modeling, and operational optimization.


At Georgia Limited, we envision a world where every innovative idea is nurtured and transformed into a successful venture. We aspire to be the catalyst for positive change withing the diverse global business ecosystem by guiding and supporting entrepreneurs in building sustainable and scalable businesses that make a lasting impact.


Georgia Limited with its professional team of consultants and vast business network of strategic partnerships has over 25 years of stellar reputation and diverse business experience in providing our clients with business knowledge, advice and expertise in Georgia, the Caucasus region and the Eastern Europe in general.

Business Ventures and Investment

Business Venture & Investment Services

Our Business Venture & Investment Services offer a holistic approach to success. We begin by crafting actionable business strategies that guide you through challenges and opportunities. Informed by in-depth market research, we tailor market entry strategies. Our financial models empower decision-making and secure funding. Through innovative product development and efficient operations, we ensure growth. With our go-to-market expertise, we create brand awareness and engagement. Experience a comprehensive partnership driving your business forward.

Management & Manufacturing Outsourcing Consulting

We recognize the distinct challenges each business faces, tailoring our consultancy to your unique needs and strategic aspirations. Explore new horizons with our Manufacturing Outsourcing solutions in Georgia’s burgeoning Caucasus region – an ideal destination for cost-effective, efficient manufacturing. Our Project-Specific Ad Hoc Consulting is designed to propel startups towards enduring success, while our Holistic Approach ensures well-rounded strategies that foster sustainable growth. Join us on this transformative journey, turning innovation into thriving reality.

Outsourcing Consulting
Manufacture Outsourcing

Manufacturing Outsourcing

Benefit from the strategic advantages of manufacturing outsourcing in Georgia’s Caucasus region, including optimal location, cost efficiency, and industry clusters. Our tailored solutions leverage Georgia’s pro-business environment, trade agreements, government support, sustainable practices, and skilled workforce. Partner with us to transform opportunities into success.